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Check the status of DNS name resolution with Express + Node.js

I created a DNS name confirmation confirmation tool in Express + Node.js for API cooperation between servers. Since name resolution is performed on Node.js on the server, it is possible to check in the same environment as the actual application.

What can be checked

DNS name resolution (from the Web application itself)

You can check A record and PTR record for FQDN as follows.


Sample published program

I am publishing a program at Heroku. (Since it is a free plan, there are times when the startup is delayed)

DNS Checker - Heroku

What I can not do, I want to fix

Same here

Source code

The source code of Express + Node.js is released here. Please bring it freely.

As an architecture, enter the FQDN in the form of jade and read it in Node.js as a query. Access the given FQDN (query) with the npm dns module to acquire name resolution information. Since localhost can not be resolved in DNS, the same information is acquired in the npm ping module.

Conclusion - Check the status of DNS name resolution with Express + Node.js

I created a program which Express + Node.js dns, ping module, the application itself will solve the name of FQDN and display the result. It can be used for applications such as web application and API base operation checking.

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