IT technical memo of networking

OS-Windows PC

AND/OR mixed sorting rules in Outlook

When setting the sorting rule in Outlook, AND / OR combination can not be done well if it is the usual setting. I will introduce the recommended settings especially when you want to use the OR condition. Microsoft Community There is a simi…

Windows Symbolic Link cannot be romoved

Symbolic Link is widely used in Linux. Even Windows, can be created by using the mklink command from the command prompt. Environment and the authority The error occurs in the workplace of the domain environment, while participating domains…

Avoid the Error " Windows can't open this file..." and checkout the permanent of checking

When you open a file of Windows 7 in unregistered extension, or to download the corresponding software from the Web, there is a need to choose whether to open in the software that is installed on the PC. But this selection, but in many cas…

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