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Installing Praeco (ElastAlert GUI) into Kubernetes with Helm (Beta)

I created Helm Chart of Praeco (ElastAlert GUI) .

Praeco is Web GUI for ElastAlert.

Beta Release

This is my first Helm Chart and has not been put into production yet, and onl has been tested in k3s local Kubernetes environment. If you have any bugs, please post GitHub Issue.

Also, I think that Ingress etc. can not be implemented due to lack of understanding ...


ElastAlert uses ElastAlert Helm Chart almost as it is *Use original Docker Image to fix bugs


As described in README

If you are using elastic/elasticsearch, you can start just this. If you are building Elasticsearch individually, please refer to Configuration, vars.yml.example. The following is an example of Slack.

$ helm repo add daichi703n 
$ helm install --name praeco daichi703n/praeco \
    --set elastalert.slack_webhook_url= \
    --set elastalert.extraConfigOptions.slack_ignore_ssl_errors=true

Once the Pod has started, configure the settings to access the Praeco GUI as appropriate.

$ export POD_NAME=$(kubectl get pods -l "," -o jsonpath="{.items[0]}")
$ kubectl port-forward $POD_NAME 8080:8080

Access to http://localhost:8080

Screen Shots

Praeco enables alerts based on the data stored in Elasticsearch from such a Web GUI. Query creation can be done from the pull-down, and alert creation can be done very easily and in detail.

with BOSH

Check here for BOSH environment such as Cloud Foundry (ES6 only, ES7 not supported)

Summary - Installing Praeco (ElastAlert GUI) into Kubernetes with Helm (Beta)

I have created Helm Chart of Praeco (ElastAlert GUI) and install it on Kubernetes. I want to spread Praeco even further.

This Blog is English Version of my JP's.

Sorry if my English sentences are incorrect.