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Install Hinemos with Docker (Initial construction)

I will introduce Hinemos that is integrated monitoring system NTT-DATA develops as OSS, with Docker.

Here is the official Docker Image, but it seems that the version is old and maintenance is not done, so create it from original Dockerfile.

In this case, I do not consider data persistence, availability, etc. as scope is from initial installation and WebGUI check. I will continue to verify Hinemos setting method etc.

* Please DO NOT use in production environment yet.

Create Hinemos Installation Dockerfile

The work process required for installing Hinemos is explained officially.

It is explained here including sample composition. (Japanese)

Hinemos ver.6.0 入門編① Hinemos ver.6.0を使ってみよう | Hinemos

The Dockerfile I created based on the above is here

How to Use

You can easily start using the following procedure.

  • Prerequisites
    • Docker installed
    • Docker Compose installed (optional)

Start with docker run

docker run -d --privileged --name hinemos-manager -p 8080:8080 -p 8081:8081 -p 161:161/udp -p 162:162/udp -p 514:514 -p 10080:80 daichi703n/hinemos-manager /sbin/init

access to http://<DockerHost IP or FQDN>:10080

Expose port is adjustable by requirements.

Start with docker-compose up

git clone
cd docker-hinemos-manager
docker-compose up -d

In this case, please note that it runs from Image Build.

Access to Hinemos

When starting Hinemos and accessing from the Web browser, the following login screen is displayed.

Initial User ID/Password is hinemos/hinemos. Manager URL is OK as it is.

When login to Hinemos WebGUI is successful, the tutorial screen is displayed.

As the subsequent work is guided, you can add the monitoring target equipment and start operation. (Image not registered for device)

Conclusion - Install Hinemos with Docker (Initial construction)

We deployed integrated monitoring system Hinemos with Docker.

Basically, the procedure is based on the Hinemos official VM environment, so it can not be optimized for the Docker deployment environment, but the initial construction can be easily done.

I will continue to verify and update.

[WIP] PostgreSQL DB Data Persistence

Please enable volume mount after below steps.

  1. docker-compose up with no volume mount.
  2. mkdir -p /srv/docker/hinemos
  3. docker cp <CONTAINER ID of hinemos>:/opt/hinemos/var/data /srv/docker/hinemos/data
  4. chown 1000:1000 -R /srv/docker/hinemos/data
    - /srv/docker/hinemos/data:/opt/hinemos/var/data


  • Japanese locale support
  • Hinemos Agent cooperation
  • External definition of configuration file
  • etc.

This Blog is English Version of my JP's.

Sorry if my English sentences are incorrect.