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Network traffic visualize-Opmantek

NetFlow visualize with opFlow

As NetFlow of CSR1000V was set in this post, start to NetFlow visualize with opFlow. Installing of Opmantek NMIS, opFlow is below. Introduction of Analyze NetFlow with opFlow Main Page Conversation Matrix TopN Summary Conclusion Introducti…

opFlow does NOT support Cisco ASA NetFlow(NSEL)

I'll try to evaluate the NetFlow of opFlow with Cisco ASA, since Opmantek opFlow was installed in this entry. opFlow:NetFlow Analyzer and Collector How to configure Cisco ASA's NetFlow is discribed in this entry. The point of change is UD…

Opmantek opFlow install to CentOS6.5

So it was installed the Opmantek NMIS in this article, I continue to install the opFlow. Strictly opFlow is not a OSS ( Open Source Software ), to confirm the feeling of use ( = User eXperience ). For more in…

Opmantek NMIS install to CentOS6.5

As OSS (Open Source Software) (= free ) NetFlow Collector and analyzer , I try the opFlow of Opmantek. Strictly speaking, opFlow is not open source, required license, it can accommodate up to permanently 25 sensors in evaluation license, b…

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