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Opmantek opFlow install to CentOS6.5

So it was installed the Opmantek NMIS in this article, I continue to install the opFlow.

Strictly opFlow is not a OSS ( Open Source Software ), to confirm the feeling of use ( = User eXperience ).

For more information's official site reference, but, installation of MongoDB and setting of Flowd, supplemental part is often necessary.
opFlow Installation Guide - opFlow - Opmantek Community WIKI

OpFlow tar file deployment

Office to place the tar file that you downloaded from the official site and expand to /usr/local.
Restart service to copy the various files to the appropriate folder.

cd /usr/local
tar xvf ~/opFlow-Linux-x86_64-<version>.tar.gz
cd opmantek/
cp install/opCommon.nmis conf/
cp install/opFlow.nmis conf/
cp install/01opmantek.conf /etc/httpd/conf.d/
service httpd restart

Install the Flowd (NetFlow Daemon)

To install the prerequisite packages.

yum install byacc

Compile the flowd.

cd / usr / local / opmantek / source
tar xvf flowd-0.9.1.tar.gz
cd flowd-0.9.1
make install
cd ../../

Install the MongoDB

Installation instructions for MongoDB was easy to understand is this page.(Sorry in JP)

CentOS6.5にMongoDBをインストールする - Qiita

Create the MongoDB repository.

vi /etc/yum.repos.d/mongodb.repo
name=MongoDB Repository

Install the MongoDB by yum.

yum install -y mongodb-org

These will be installed.

  • mongodb-org
  • mongodb-org-mongos
  • mongodb-org-server
  • mongodb-org-shell
  • mongodb-org-tools

Start-up set and start service.

chkconfig mongod on
serivice mongod start

Opmantek Setup for Flowd

Tuning the setting of Flowd for Opmantek.

adduser _flowd
\cp /usr/local/opmantek/install/flowd.conf /usr/local/etc/flowd.conf
cp /usr/local/opmantek/install/flowd.init.d /etc/init.d/flowd
mkdir /usr/local/var
mkdir /usr/local/var/run
mkdir /var/opflow/
chkconfig flowd on
service flowd start 

Flowd startup error ( fail )

It might be occurred following error ( failure ) when you try to start the service of Flowd.

service flowd start
Starting flow daemon flowdsocket: Address family not supported by protocol
Listener setup of [::]:12345 failed
[ Failure ]already started[ OK ]

Because this in the Listen port configuration error for IPv6, modify the boot setting.

vi  /usr/local/etc/flowd.conf
# $Id: flowd.conf,v 1.15 2005/05/14 06:04:48 djm Exp $

# Specify where flowd should store its flow records
logfile "/var/opflow/flowd"

# Specify what addresses/ports flowd should listen on.
# Multiple addresses may be specified
#listen on
#listen on [::1]:12345
listen on
#listen on [::]:12345 <- Comment Out this line
### disable ipv6

Now that you have started without error Flowd.

Opmantek Setup for MongoDB

Tuning the setting of MongoDB for Opmantek.

cp /usr/local/opmantek/install/mongod.init.d /etc/init.d/mongod

It is overwritten, but for the time being OK.

Install the opFlow License

When the pull-down on the NMIS to select the "opFlow", it rises screen of opFlow.

Since the license is required, to obtain a license from the official in the "Get a Free Trial License ...", to enter.

opFlowd Setup and Start

After you install the license to perform the setting of the final opFlow.

/usr/local/opmantek/bin/ setup=all
/usr/local/opmantek/bin/ setup=cron

Settings when you are finished service to start.

cp /usr/local/opmantek/install/opflowd.init.d /etc/init.d/opflowd
chkconfig opflowd on
service opflowd start

The service is started, the screen of the opFlow is displayed. Because you have not yet received the Flow Record (Flow Records), nothing is displayed.

Trouble Shooting

Trouble at the time of reference here.

Troubleshooting opFlow - opFlow - Opmantek Community WIKI

Since the warning is also displayed on the top screen, so that the appropriate response while watching it. Service of Flowd is not raised, such as the services of opFlowd it is not up is displayed on the Web screen.


I add a module of opFlow to Opmantek NMIS8.
Other than IPv6 error of Flowd was able to install without any particular problem.

This Blog is English Version of my JP's.

Sorry if my English sentences are incorrect.