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NetFlow visualize with opFlow

As NetFlow of CSR1000V was set in this post, start to NetFlow visualize with opFlow.

Installing of Opmantek NMIS, opFlow is below.

Introduction of Analyze NetFlow with opFlow

Let us introduce the output of opFlow with screen shots.

Main Page

Main Page is like below.
When you mouse over each point, can check details.
It is able to move the host in draw area, and connection between host follows mocing.

Conversation Matrix

All of the traffic can be displayed in the matrix.
With this matrix, you can analyze the FlowRecord deeply.

TopN Summary

Top10 traffic is desplayed with the type of below.
It is easy to understand that details of traffic pattern.

  • Top 10 Talkers
  • Top 10 Listeners
  • Top 10 Applications
  • Top 10 Application Sources
  • Top 10 ToS (QoS Service)
  • Top 10 Conversations
  • Top 10 Protocols


opFlow that is the module of Opmantek NMIS has highly feature, although it is free.
Unfortunately, opFlow is NOT OSS(Open Source Software), but it helps your Network Visualize and Analysis.

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