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AND/OR mixed sorting rules in Outlook

When setting the sorting rule in Outlook, AND / OR combination can not be done well if it is the usual setting. I will introduce the recommended settings especially when you want to use the OR condition.

Microsoft Community

There is a similar discussion in the Microsoft community, but it is finally a search talk and there is no expectation. (Sorry in Japanese)

Use header information for mail sorting

In the usual sorting rule, relations between items are AND. Therefore, you can not set sender as X, or 'Y' in subject line in normal rules.

Therefore, use the header information of the sorting rule.

AND/OR combination sorting in Outlook

Shows how to create OR condition sorting rules in Outlook. Although the screen is a Web version of Outlook, it can be set in the same place even in the client version. (Sorry in Japanese)

Normally, it will add the filtering target to each index such as sender as follows. In this case, the OR condition is in the index, but the relationship between indexes becomes AND.

Since it is normally not possible to use the OR condition between indexes, use in the message header here.

By adding mail address or subject (subject character string) here, it is sorted according to the OR condition.

By doing this, conditions like those that had to create two rules under normal circumstances can be summarized as one.

Conclusion - Combine AND/OR conditions with Outlook's sorting rules

By using message header information as mail sorting condition in Outlook, it is possible to create filtering rule corresponding to OR condition between items.

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