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NetFlow Collector (Free) Recommend Product to Network Visualize (2016)

Paessler PRTG is the most useful in Free of charge-free or OSS NetFlow Collector, Analyzer. (in 2016)
Originally we wanted to adopt a system that is open to the public in the OSS (open source), the first place the system that has been updated also currently in the OSS of NetFlow Collector does not seem to exist.
In terms of the combination of the OSS, it seems there is only assembled in Fluend + ElasticSearch + Kibana.

Adoption study system and Evaluation

I tested use and verification These systems.

System OS Recommendation points
Paessler PRTG Win Very Good free of charge up to 100 sensors
Pandora FMS Linux Good free but weak analysis function
Opmantek opFlow Linux So-so base system is OSS but opFlow requires add license
ntop nProbe Linux So-so base system is OSS but nProbe requires add license
Lancope STEALTHWATCH Linux(OVF) - but I paid good usability

Paessler PRTG

Paessler PRTG (Unified Monitoring System) install to Windows - designetwork(EN)

Integrated monitoring system that can be used to install to Windows.
A variety of templates are prepared, it is easy to various monitoring. It corresponds to the number of flow, such as NetFlow and sFlow. Because it can be used at no charge up to 100 sensors, it can be used without additional license be used to focus only on the net flow collector.

Pandora FMS

Paessler PRTG (Unified Monitoring System) install to Windows - designetwork(EN)

OSS of integrated monitoring system to install and use Linux.
It allows analysis of NetFlow on additional features, but feels that a level that does not stand the practical use weak display and analysis capabilities. Integration as a monitoring evaluation is high, but seems to have been adopted by companies such as BIGLOBE, RAKUTEN, benefits because they feel that is easy to use ZABBIX as OSS of integrated monitoring is weak.

Opmantek opFlow

NetFlow visualize with opFlow - designetwork(EN)

OSS of integrated monitoring system NMIS add-on module, opFlow.
Usability and design's good, but the point is not the open source requires an additional license is the deduction subject. It became unusable also come evaluation license expiration date in my environment...

ntop nProbe

ntop changes to ntopng - designetwork(EN)

Originally it was going as OSS project ntop But, nProbe of ntopng next NetFlow Collector has become the cornerstone additional licenses.


Lancope-STEALTHWATCH Installing evaluation licence - designetwork(EN)

As extra chapter, STEALTHWATCH of Lancope that Cisco has acquired.
There is only some for a fee product, ease of use, there is no perfect both design. Again, the collector to use a paid product to realize that whether the better of the .... Because it has been acquired by Cisco's NetFlow developer, it can be expected continual updates in the future.


It is considered that it is better to use the Paessler PRTG in order to introduce the NetFlow Collector free of charge-free.

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