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In-flight Wi-Fi is how convenient? Measure rhe throughput.

Airplane in-flight WiFi introduced on some planes. It is a wonderful function to overturn the common sense that it is impossible to use a device that emits radio waves while traveling on an airplane and it can not be contacted with the ground.

What is in-flight Wi-Fi?

For service details, please refer to airline company information such as ANA, JAL.(JP)

ANA(All Nippon Airways) and JAL(Japan Airlines) are Japanese major airlines.

In-flight Wi-Fi usage price (Costs)

2016/11 In-flight Wi-Fi usage price(Costs) is as below. (International Lines)

30min : US$4.95 15MB Limit
1hour : US$8.95 30MB Limit
Full Flight : US$19.95 100MB Limit

1 hour : US$10.15
3 hours : US$14.40
24 hours : US$18.80

Note on security

Be careful as file sharing happens if you mistake network classification on Windows PC!!(Sorry in JP's site)

Measure throughput of in-flight Wi-Fi

I tried using Gogo's in-flight Wi-Fi service when I got on a JAL plane. During the campaign, I was able to use Wi-Fi and internet for free for 15 minutes.

The section I used was over Iwate prefecture on the route from New Chitose (Hokkaido) to Haneda (Tokyo) . The results of trying BNR Speed ​​Test image imported on iPhone are as follows.

Open another time and one more time

It was the fastest 533 kbps, effective 300 kbps. It is wider than the old ISDN and is considered to be a practical bandwidth. I think it is difficult to watch movies etc ....

Since it is a satellite line, the stability varies. However, I was able to use it for 15 minutes I used without problems.


I measured the bandwidth and communication speed by using in-flight Wi-Fi on JAL domestic flight. It was about 300 kbps in effective bandwidth and was a sufficient communication speed for normal use. By connecting to the Internet via in-flight Wi-Fi, travel time can be effectively used.

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