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Android Application cannot be installed to chromebook

Chromebook I have a mobile notebook PC. That the Android app is now available, there has been a great additional specifications. However, I have not been able to download and use the Android app from Google Play.

To introduce Unfortunately download install the Android app Chromebook, it can not be used case.

Chromebook in use

I have been using the Acer C720.

Purchase consideration is here (Sorry, JP's post)

Chromebook Acer C720購入 - designetwork

Google Play / Android app compatible models

How to install Android from Goople Play has been described in the official.

There is a description of the corresponding type in it.

Unfortunately, Acer C720 can not be used in a non-correspondence .... So of coming soon from the C730 of the successor, I wonder if I should have a little more patience .... A shame to have a good model of reputation.

2016 October Currently, the following three models of which corresponds to the Android app.

Since the Android app should I use in Nexus7, it is not willing to replace buy too much, if you want to buy the new the following models are considered as recommended. (Sorry JP's Link, please search in google.)

ASUS may be good of small size and light weight, but I think I want to still continue to use the Acer. Moreover, although Google Pixel is a great genuine flagship model, cost is unmatched ....


The model of the Android app corresponding Chromebook at this time is limited. This is to try to consider the replacement of the new models in the period might be good.

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