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Redmine setting change place when the layout and design does not appear

It has been upgraded to a new version Redmine in this article, but the screen layout design in which there is a problem that does not appear to occur.

When you access the top page, in this way becomes a display of text only, you do not see the layout and design.

Causes and solutions

Since this was upgraded in parallel operation, in performing the changeover to the new Redmine is here set is also required.
Apache's DocumentRoot had noticed, but this did not notice.
If you forget to change the past, you can not access the CSS file, design layout is not displayed.

vi /etc/httpd/conf.d/redmine.conf

#<Directory "/var/lib/redmine/public">
<Directory "/var/lib/redmine-3.2.2/public">
  Require all granted

service httpd restart

Measures result

The setting change, normally the layout design is now displayed.

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