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Gray out holidays on Easy Gantt with Gitmike

Easy Gantt is useful Redmine's Gantt chart tool, but when combined with the theme Gitmike, holidays are not grayed out by default.

Note that this problem does not occur in the default theme.

Customize CSS so that you can gray out holidays because you want to keep Gitmike, which is a beautiful theme, as it is and consider schedules / Gantt charts taking holidays into account.

Introduction of Easy Gantt is here

Why is holiday not grayed out?

Holidays are not grayed out with Easy Gantt with Gitmike because of the combination of the holiday rendering method at Easy Gantt and the color setting of Gitmike.

The holiday part of the Gantt chart is to write a box in the schedule area by Javascript, but the color designation at that time is background color * transparency xx% . Gitmike does not gray out because white (255, 255, 255) is specified as this background color.

Customize CSS and gray out holidays

Customize CSS as a countermeasure against the above problem.

CSS customization overwrites with the View Customize plug-in rather than directly editing the source code.

Since the ID to be applied to CSS is generated by JavaScript and fluctuates, it is specified by regular expression.

Path pattern: /projects/.*/easy_gantt

Type: StyleSheet


/* Customize gantt css */

[id^="Svgjs"] {
  fill: rgba(0,0,0,0.05);

This allows graying out holidays with Easy Gantt with Gitmike. (Color can be freely specified)

Conclusion - Gray out holidays on Easy Gantt with Gitmike

By editing CSS with the View Customize plugin, Gitmike responded to the problem that holidays are not grayed out in the Easy Gantt Gantt chart. With clean themes intact, Easy Gantt chart can also be used to manage projects.

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