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Visualize the Cisco ASA FW log with Fluentd (td-agent)

Visualize the Cisco ASA FW log with Fluentd (td-agnet), which is popular as a log collection tool. Logs received by Fuentd are indexed by ElasticSearch and visualized by Kibana.

Fluentd plugin and settings

Since there was a developer who had already created with Fluentd's plugin, try using it.

Unfortunately, this plugin cannot be installed with td-agent-gem install fluent-plugin-cisco-asa-parser. Therefore, put parser_cisco_asa.rb under /etc/td-agent/plugin/.

In my environment I use the forest plugin to increase versatility.

td-agent-gem install fluent-plugin-forest

The log reading setting is as follows. Transfer setting is appropriate.

  @type tail
  path /var/log/ASA5505.log
  pos_file /var/log/ASA5505.log.pos
  tag net.asa5505.CentOS-01
  format cisco_asa

Cisco ASA Logging Configuration

The Cisco ASA log output settings are as follows. (Excerpt)

I'm using Cisco ASA5505 OS: 9.2(3). It is set similarly in ASA series general, not ASA5505 specific setting.

logging enable
logging timestamp
logging trap informational
logging host management

Failed to collect Logs...

In the plug-in above, it did not match the log format in my ASA (pattern not match), and the log was not collected.

Therefore, I will maintain my own plug-in.

Homebrew Cisco ASA Parser

I will continue to maintain it here. Please do not use in production environment, as it is being created. Please let me know if there is a plug-in as well as existing.

Even now it is possible to pick up various information like this. Excerpt from Discover screen of Elasticsearch + Kibana.

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