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Can I use vCenter Server for free? I would like to have a cluster at home ESXi

(This article is information as of December 2016)

Since I purchase additional home server and two ESXi will be configured, I considered installing vCenter Server. Basically, for verification purposes as a home lab, I am considering using it for free because I can not spend much money.

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There is no evaluation version or free version of vCenter?

ESXi is valuable because its basic functions are free to use. Since I want to make a cluster configuration this time, I will consider introducing vCenter Server.

Note that vCenter requires Windows Server as its foundation. Here's how to use the evaluation version of Windows Server for free.

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VMware products can be downloaded from MyVMware.

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There is no vCenter in the free / evaluation version of the product... Also, trying to download the product version will result in insufficient authority as below...

Unfortunately, vCenter seems to be unavailable for free as an evaluation version.

Conclusion - Can I use vCenter Server for free?

vCenter Server CANNOT be used for free.
In the meantime I think that I will operate two standalone ESXi.

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