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Home server selection - Make cheap virtualization environment

I thought that I would like to replace my server at home, I made various selections and summarize it. The current environment is as follows.

Besides I have a network equipment of Cisco, Juniper and constitute my home lab.

The missing part at present is the correspondence of nested virtualization and the memory capacity. In addition, since it is used at home and individual, I basically want used Server.

The premise is virtualization environment

As an assumption, do not install OS directly, virtualize with VMware ESXi. In selecting, I would like to be able to use nested virtualization. The background is as described in this article.

Nest virtualization failed with VT-x is not available error - designetwork(EN)

Server Usage

The main application is verification of network technology. I would like to verify the technology of IaaS, PaaS such as virtual appliances such as Cisco, F5, management system on Linux, VMware, Open Stack, Docker, Cloud Foundry etc. It is extension of home lab.

Server Selection

The server requirements I want are as follows. Select the case and customize the parts.

  • CPU: Core i series or Xeon series
  • Memory: 8 GB or more (preferably 16 GB)
  • DISK: 1 TB (SSD unnecessary)

Server enclosure

I do not think about making my own server, and make it an existing product. Although my own making may be more free, considering the troubleshooting at the moment, I believe that the ready-made products used by many people are better.

Since it is a home server, it is not a rack mount but a tower type. Selection candidate series are as follows

Both are wonderful products, but this time DELL PowerEdge is chosen.
I am using PowerEdge now, so I have some attachment. In addition, other manufacturers are putting emphasis on SI business, but DELL is good impression of product main. (DELL is not without SI though ...)

PowerEdge model number

Since I decided to use DELL PowerEdge, I will consider the detailed model number.

I want to hold down the price inexpensively, so think with a missing shape rather than the latest model. However, I want performance, so choose from T series rather than SC series.

Specification comparison (maximum)

Item T100 T105 T110 T110Ⅱ T130 T300 T310 T410
CPU X, C2 AMD X, Ci X, Ci X, Ci X, Ci X, Ci X dual
Socket 775 A754 1156 1155 1151 711 1156 1366
RAM 8GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB 24GB 32GB 256GB
DISK 2TB 2TB 4TB ?? ?? 3TB 4TB 12TB
Result NG NG GOOD GOOD Over Over Over Over

X: Xeon, C2: Core 2 Duo, Ci: Core i socket type: LGAxxxx

Detailed specification comparison here

Since the CPU assumes it as a premise to replace, the type of the socket becomes important. Since it is necessary to match with the socket type of the installed CPU, carefully select it. The socket type is gathered neatly here.

PassMark Software - CPU Benchmarks - CPU Performance by Socket Type

Considering the second hand market as of 2016/12, T110 II is considered to be the optimal choice.

Selection of CPU

Since we decided to adopt T110 II, we need to consider the CPU of socket type LGA 1155.

The index of CPU performance was interesting and easy to understand this article. (Sorry in Japanese. Previous Page is easy to check in English)

I want a battle power of 5500, preferably 8000 if possible. Because I want to keep price cheap, because it's second hand, I will search within 10,000 yen. Since it is quite difficult to find the desired setup item, it is assumed to be replaced. (US $1.00 = about 100 yen)

Because it is a server, Xeon is the best CPU, but concern is that Xeon is basically expensive. I will consider it carefully in the Core i series. For generations of Core i3, i5, i7 this article was easy to understand.

Comparison of Intel processors - Wikipedia

LGA 1155 socket product
Intel Core i7 / i5 / i3 3XXX (Ivy Bridge)
Intel Core i7 / i5 / i3 2XXX (Sandy Bridge)

Intel Xeon E3 series (Ivy Bridge)
Intel Xeon E3 series (Sandy Bridge)

Support by the Dell Official is Core i3 series, Xeon E3 series, and as is also the support community below, it is not recommended to change to another series such as Core i5.

upgrading the poweredge t110 cpu - Dell Community

Select from Core i3 or Xeon E3

Because there are no powerful CPU in Core i3, this time we will adopt Xeon instead of Core i3.

Xeon E3-1220 4Core 4Thread 3.1GHz (Maximum: 3.4GHz) Combat Strength (Tentative): 6088 Used Market: 5,000 - 7,000 yen
Xeon E3-1220v2 4Core 4Thread 3.1GHz (Maximum: 3.5 GHz) Combat Strength (Tentative): 6532 Used Market: 8,000 yen
Xeon E3-1270 4Core 8thread 3.4 GHz (Maximum: 3.8 GHz) Combat Strength (Tentative): 8408 Used Market: 12,000 - 15,000 yen

Selection of memory

To be honest, memory is not particularly sticking, as long as it has molds and works.

At a cheaper place with a brand new;
4GB: 2,500 yen
8GB: 5,000 yen

DISK Selection

Even though DISK is not particularly committed, it has confidence in Western Digital. Roughly Seagate has heard that the failure rate is high and was hateful. However, in the survey of 2016 it seems that Western Digital has a higher failure rate than Seagate. Toshiba has little market share, HGST is too expensive to exclude from consideration.

It seems that the failure rate is getting higher in WD, so I think Seagate is dominant now.

rough estimate

Approximate estimates of CPU, Memory, and DISK are as follows. Within 30,000 yen.

Item Price Remarks
XeonE3-1220 7,000 yen E3-1270 + 8,000 yen
Memory (16GB) 8,000 yen Used 4GB*4
HDD (1TB*2) 16,000 yen Seagate brand new RAID
Total 27,000 yen

Find second-hand server

Unexpectedly, some items of used goods that satisfy the requirements are listed.

There is nothing that perfectly meets your wishes, so it is good to consider which parts are to be compromised and replaced, consider purchasing.

(Sorry!! There are Japanese Services)

Yahoo! Auction

DELL PowerEdge T110 II Xeon E3-1270 3.4GHz Mem8GB BIOS OK
One Price 30,000 yen

Speaking of cheap second hand Yahoo auction. However, it becomes short as it becomes a server.


Used server DELL PowerEdge T110 (4 Core)
35,000 yen (37,800 yen including tax)
Second server server DELL PowerEdge T110 (4Core) (XeonE3-1220 (4C) - 3.1 GHz × 1 / memory: 16 GB / HDD: 2 TB × 1) Server server DELL CPU 4 C HDD

Used server DELL PowerEdge T110 II
38,000 yen (41,040 yen including tax)
[Server main unit] [DELL] [with HDD] second server DELL PowerEdge T110 II (XeonE3-1270 (4C) - 3.5 GHz × 1 / memory: 4 GB / HDD: sold separately)

There is a certain degree of exhibition and you can choose.


[Used] DELL PowerEdge T110 II
Server, OS less,
Xeon E3 - 1220, memory 8 GB (4 GB x 2), 1 TB HDD x 2
Price 33,000 yen (35,640 yen including tax)

Surprisingly Rakuten's exhibition is cheap, it is considered to be the most promising among the candidates.


When using it as a home server (home server), DELL PowerEdge T110 Ⅱ is considered reasonable. The processor uses Xeon E3-1200 series to ensure performance. It is second-hand server specialty store, although it is not cheap, it can purchase and customize it from 30,000 yen to 50,000 yen. With this you can live comfortable home lab life.

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