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How to Upgrade phpIPAM (v1.1.010->v1.2.1)

Though phpIPAM Version1.2, and Version1.2.1 are released, I try to upgrade ( update ) my v1.1.010.
Unfortunatly, I couldn't use often, and I retry to use and evaluate.
phpIPAM is highly efficency in IP Address Management system in OSS ( Open Source Software).

New Features

There are new features and bug fix in v1.2, v1.2.1 as below.
I think REST API gives useful for connect to native system. Recognization and Mgmt with DNS also be updated.

phpIPAM v1.2

  • Multiple simultaneous authentication methods
  • PowerDNS integration
  • Mark subnet as full
  • L2 domains
  • ICMP check enhancements (fping support)
  • Firewall zones and nameservers

phpIPAM v1.2.1(bug fix)


  • French translation updated to verson 1.2;
  • German translation updated to verson 1.2;


  • Fixed upgrade bug that selected invalid auth method for AD/LDAP users;
  • Fixed LDAP problems after 1.2 upgrade;
  • Fixed PowerDNS Slave with multiple masters delimiter error;
  • Fixed owerDNS PTR records not being updated automatically;
  • Fixed csrf cookie bug when editing folder;
  • Fixed csrf cookie bug when truncationg subnet;
  • Fixed invalid code for API crypt method;
  • Fixed strange headings font display in Firefox;
  • Fixed invalid proxy settings in config.dist.php;
  • Fixed search same hostnames in db link form address table;
  • Fixed import subnet bug caused by fw object;
  • Fixed Subnet Import (Preview button > no action);

Security Fixes:

  • Fixed security issues introduced in 1.2;

Upgrade Manual in Official Site

There are Upgrade Manuals in phpIPAM Official Site.

a) Automatic database upgrade

Backup database files

cd <phpipam_install_dir>

/usr/bin/mysqldump -u ipam -pphpipam phpipam > db/bkp/phpipam__migration_backup.db

backup your old installation

cd ..

mv phpipam phpipam.bkp

Extract new phpipam code

tar -xvf phpipam-1.1.010.tar

Enter database connection details in config.php (like you had in old installation) or copy old config.php file. Now open browser and follow upgrade procedure.

Other ways are below.

b) Manual database upgrade

c) Manualy query import

My old phpIPAM Setting

I installed phpIPAM follow this post. Therefore, install folders are translated from manuals.

Sorry in JP's. Install commands are written in English.

Main difference is that phpipam components are move to /var/www/html/ from phpipam/

Upgrade phpIPAM

Upgrade ( Update ) phpIPAM with following steps.

Download phpIPAM v1.2.1.

Download latest release of phpIPAM ( v1.2.1 ) from SourceForge.

wget ''

Though file is downloaded name of "download", change file name.

mv download phpipam-1.2.1.tar

Backup old settings and deploy new version

Go to directory phpIPAM installed.

cd /var/www/html/

Backup the DB.

/usr/bin/mysqldump -u phpipam -p phpipam > db/bkp/phpipam__migration_backup.db
Enter password:phpipamadmin

*Syntax error exists in Official Manual

Backup old setting files.
My settings use components in /var/www/html/ moved from phpipam/ .

mv /var/www/html/{.htaccess,api,css,db,functions,index.php,install,js,misc,site,upgrade,config.php} /var/www/html/bkp/

mv phpipam phpipam.bkp (no use in my settings)

Untar the file.

tar -xvf phpipam-1.2.1.tar

Move components.

cd phpipam
mv {.htaccess,api,app,config.dist.php,css,db,functions,index.php,install,js,misc,upgrade} /var/www/html/

Copy setting file of config.php that is backuped.

cd /var/www/html/
cp bkp/config.php ./

Continue upgrade from Web GUI

Access to phpIPAM Web GUI by native action.
Upgrade, though DB backup has done.

Success upgrading.

Dashboard appears correctly, and from footer version is 1.2.1. I forgot the view of v1.1, but I think it changes that dashboard is responsive design. When browser is nallow, boxes align in vartical.

Administration > Show All Settings > TOOLS > Version check Also it is able to check the version is latest v1.2.1.


I succeed upgrade ( update ) phpIPAM to v1.2.1 from v1.1.010.

This Blog is English Version of my JP's.

Sorry if my English sentences are incorrect.